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Who we are?

Kaziranga Pvt. Industrial Training Institute was formerly known as Model Vocational Training Institute (MVTI). Model Vocational Training Institute (MVTI) was firstly established in the year 2004 in Narengi Road, Zoo Tiliani, Guwahti with a noble purpose of imparting job- oriented quality education through need based cum see more...


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“One good book Is Equal To Hundred Friends . . . But One Good Friend Is Equal To A Library” --- Dr APJAbdul Kalam

The Kaziranga Industrial Training Institute library can boast of being one of the best, in terms of catering to the needs and wants of our student body. Books and novels covering a vivid spectrum of topics right from inspirational autobiographies and biographies of the world’s most memorable people, events and places to downright fantasy world tales are available to be used at random by the students and their teachers. In addition to the ones mentioned earlier, the Kaziranga Industrial Training Institute library also houses all the leading dailies, the weeklies and the monthly periodicals, local and national, magazines and write-ups dealing with an educational or a social appeal.

Our library plays a crucial role in learning and teaching process. The books are made available to all the students throughout the year to increase knowledge, understanding and performance on various subjects. Besides aiding in the studies of students and assisting teachers in research and teaching, our school library helps in developing reading habits in the students and provides the knowledge and resources to enrich the learning experience.

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