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Who we are?

Kaziranga Pvt. Industrial Training Institute was formerly known as Model Vocational Training Institute (MVTI). Model Vocational Training Institute (MVTI) was firstly established in the year 2004 in Narengi Road, Zoo Tiliani, Guwahti with a noble purpose of imparting job- oriented quality education through need based cum see more...


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Welcome to Kaziranga Pvt. Industrial Training Institute. (Affiliated To NCVT Govt. of India)

Director imageChoosing to study is a big decision in every student’s life, that’s why Kaziranga Industrial Training Institute has committed to make it as easy as possible and If you have decided to study any trade of ITI, then choose to study in Kaziranga Industrial Training Institute as we are dedicated to educating and empowering students. Our incredible academicians are here to develop your knowledge and sharpen your skills.

Kaziranga Industrial Training Institute imparts not only education to students, but it teaches the value system. Your personality is so completely groomed that really separates you from the crowd. You’ll get the finest career preparation at Kaziranga Industrial Training Institute and It also shapes your character, builds your confidence and imbibes, long lasting moral values. It paves way for your steadfast progress. Kaziranga Industrial Training Institute nurtures the essence of growth in education and its holistic approach focuses on the overall development of its students

Technical education needs an entirely application orientated approach in transferring the knowledge among the students. Kaziranga Industrial Training Institute is a sure success destination for trainees who want to excel in the present industrial scenario going in the country and worldwide. The Trained Trainees of Kaziranga Industrial Training Institute are being employed as these are trained to be industry ready , self-employed and are giving employment to other. We are committed to assure the best level of placement assistance to our bonafide students .

We cordially welcome the youths to join Kaziranga Industrial Training Institute and help in the development of our nation. Our journey ahead is challenging and exciting team is ready and rearing to go.

Join us.

Regards Partha Saikia
Managing Director